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What We Offer

Thriving in a changing world requires constant attention to shifts in the business environment, making the right decisions, and executing flawlessly. Experience, insight, and unique perspectives are indispensable in these situations. The ChannelMeister has built a career in leading organizations towards their objectives, improving efficiency and processes, building resilient  businesses and has developed a practice in tracing strategies to ramp up existing businesses, penetrate new markets, and prepareing organizations for their next pivot.

Interim Management Services

Any size of business can benefit from top-quality leadership. Interim Management offers access to the talent you need at manageable costs and results-oriented, month-by-month commitment.


Context changes everything. Us, who are in the Telecom business, we know the difference between the Auto Teller Machine (ATM) and the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Removing or changing context is also a favorite tactic in the political game. My wife is a...

Partner Values

Just the way it works for personal relationships, if you are trying to get an idea on who a person is, you could look at their possessions, their car, their house, etc. You could look at their education, or in which family where they born into. You could also look at...

The Search for the Ideal Partner

We have all been there. We spend an awful amount of time trying to profile the ideal partner, and we go through the exercise of evaluating all their capabilities. We try to find out the number of sales people that they employ, their technical capabilities, etc. But I...

This Headline wants you to stop reading

This is one of the biggest challenges for today's marketer. We are competing in quantity and speed. The amount of information available at any given moment is unmanageable, and seconds later, gets replaced with a fresh set. 140-character "journalism" is perfectly...

Ancient technologies

Business travel. We all know what it has turned into, long lines, delayed connections, lousy food, and way too small seats. You may be able to miss some of these, but pretty sure there is going to involve waiting. A lot of it. And during these waiting periods, what do...

Post-Truth, Marketing, and Virtual Reality

We are living in interesting times. “Post-Truth” has been named the 2016 “word of the year” by the Oxford dictionaries. According to their own definition it refers to “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals...

“a real asset to our efforts in building out the infrastructure, and voice of the company to our channel ecosystem”

VP of Sales, Virtualization Security Company