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I don’t spend too much time thinking about apocalyptic scenarios, but as a dad, I try to make sense of the world and offer some advice to my two girls.
By looking at our current state, one of humanity’s biggest menace looming on the horizon is the advent of AI and the possibility of driving thousands of individuals out of gainful employment.
Still, one of the few things that AI cannot take away from humans -at least not in the foreseeable future- is the creative process.
One of my daughters is a talented creative professional, who has done great work in set design and other disciplines. Right now, she supplements her income with other unrelated activities which she does not enjoy as much.
Now think about that for a second.
In my daughter’s context, the advent of AI may be forcing her to do what she actually loves to do.
I urge you to find your own version of this, let’s be optimistic about the future.

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