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Not you. Your organization.

In my opinion, its measure is very similar. It is related to what you are capable to do, the problems you can solve and the services you can provide.

The Internet tides washed this to my shore , it is a very short video worth watching. It shows a 1950’s pitstop at the Indy 500, vs. a 2013 modern F1 pitstop.


The first one, 67 seconds according to the narrator, the second, 60 years later, two seconds, depending on when you start counting.

Granted, the first one lacks the technology of the second. The contrast between the guy whacking the wing nut on the axle with a hammer and the pneumatic-driver-wielding mechanics is worlds apart. On the first video, there is like six to ten people around the car, on the second, 20. Here is a slo-mo version, in case you want to detail division of labor and how everybody is on-task. 


However, these are “just” resources: more people, better people, better tools. The biggest difference is what we would call in management parlance THE PROCESS. It is what allows these 20 mechanics execute the harmonious choreography. In any case,  it determines what you are capable of doing. That’s what you’re worth.